We are Cassia

We are Cassia
I am Cassia

In 2018, Augustana Care and Elim Care merged to form Cassia, a name selected from the Bible, which signifies

“Servant’s Heart.”

Our mission is to foster fullness of life for older adults in the spirit of Christ’s love.


Daily StandUp

Daily StandUP meetings help staff members connect with each other while focusing on the people we serve. The meetings take less than ten minutes and revolve around the same value or service standard at all locations. Meetings give us the opportunity to live our values while celebrating employees, volunteers, residents and organizational accomplishments.

Aimee Robertson, I AM Cassia Director of Engagement, believes that StandUP is a powerful tool for Cassia.

“It’s a time for all employees – from Accounting, to Culinary, to Caregivers – pause, come together and CONNECT. We focus on our standards, on best practices to serve our residents and colleagues well, and on the Word of God, which gives us wisdom and compassion.”