The Face of Cassia

Certified Nursing Assistant LaSoy Smythe in a purple shirt smiling at the camera

Trinity Springs Certified Nursing Assistant LaSoy Smythe

Face of Caring – June 2022

In honor of National Nursing Assistant Week between June 16 and June 22, we want to introduce an extraordinary nursing assistant from Cassia’s Trinity Springs community in Florida. The best way to start introducing you to LaSoy Smythe is with a letter we received from a family member.

“On March 18, 2021,” the letter begins, “my wife, Tammy was checking in at the front desk in order to care for my mother, Martha Gibson. While Tammy was checking in, a caregiver from the third floor, LaSoy, called the front desk to inquire about a hair salon appointment for Martha scheduled for one o’clock that day. LaSoy wanted to ensure that the appointment was indeed booked and let the involved parties know that she was going to make sure Martha was ready and on time.

Please commend LaSoy for caring enough to put forth the time and effort to do this for Martha. Because of the pandemic, it has been a long time since Martha has had an appointment with a beautician and she was really looking forward to it. I also want to let the entire staff know how wonderful they are, and how much I appreciate all they do for my mother.”

The letter above came from family member Clay Gibson, and paints a heartfelt portrait of Certified Nursing Assistant LaSoy Smythe. She has worked at Trinity Springs for three years, and her dedication to residents is well known throughout our community. “LaSoy has been called upon to be the lead in certain circumstances and she has stepped up without hesitation,” says Trinity Springs Executive Director Tracy McKinnie.

Thank you, LaSoy, for all your efforts at Trinity Springs to bring a smile to residents’ faces!