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Chef Chuck’s Career at Trinity Springs

Face of Caring – November 2021

Last month, Cassia’s Trinity Springs community in Oxford, Florida celebrated the one year anniversary of Chef Charles (Chuck) Casamasima. Chef Chuck has more than thirty years experience in the culinary field.  He has opened many restaurants in Florida, including resorts in Disney World. 

“Chef Chuck cares deeply about residents and staff,” says Trinity Springs Executive Director Tracy McKinnie. “He cooks with passion and love.  He has spent many hours training our cooks, helping them to be all that they can be. He not only shares his knowledge, but his enthusiasm.

“Residents especially love when Chef Chuck comes to the dining rooms. He greets each one and talks about the featured dishes. We all enjoy the variety of choices that he brings to the Trinity Springs menu and the wonderful surprise dishes he prepares for events and Happy Hours.”

When asked why why he wants to be at Trinity Springs, Chef Chuck says, “When I go to Trinity Springs, I feel like I’m coming home. When I see residents smile in our dining room, it makes my day.” 

On Thanksgiving Day, Chef Chuck will offer a traditional feast, adding a special dessert buffet. “I purposely made the desserts a little smaller, so people can try more than one!” he explains. He looks forward to Thanksgiving because “I’m very thankful I get to cook for such wonderful residents.”

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