The Face of Cassia

Elf on a Shelf Brightens Winter Holidays

Trinity Springs has a unique way of celebrating December holidays. A mischievous Elf on a Shelf roamed around, making everyone’s day brighter. The elf was played by Certified Nursing Assistant and Med Tech Gail Worrell, who has been at Trinity Springs for three years. Residents, families and staff look forward to her yearly mischief. Photos of the elf are captured and placed on Facebook, and also streamed into each resident’s apartment.

When the elf sneaked up behind her, one resident noted, “You guys are always full of surprises.” Another resident asked for a hug from our elf as she is walking through the halls—and received one.

Family members watch the Elf’s activities on Facebook and one family member wrote, “I want to be an Elf!” Someone else in our Facebook audience wrote, “I love what y’all are doing in your community. Your residents must love you ALL.

P.S. – the Elf idea is so great!”

Adding to the Holidays with “Grinchmas”

As it happens, the elf isn’t alone as she roams through the halls! Staff members Nancy Powell and Teresa Hammock wanted to show their appreciation for residents and landed on an event called “Grinchmas.” The staff decorated the first floor with bright colors, backdrops and balloons, using a Grinch theme. Snacks and games filled the hallways and a hot chocolate bar was offered as well.

Our “Grinch” was Business Office Manager Charles Goines. As the Grinch, he toured the community giving out hugs. Though it wasn’t the Grinchiest choice, he brought a lot of smiles to residents’ faces—and bringing joy to those we serve is what the holiday spirit is all about.

Trinity Springs is grateful to all the generous donors that allow us to foster fullness of life for residents on holidays—and every day.